Hand and Nails

Extra Touches

Add Gems for extra glamour            20p (per gem)

Nail art                                       up to £1.00 (per finger)

Gel Polish Application (see below for removal)        
Cut, file, shape, cuticle tidy, Gel Application

Gel Polish is a new technology which combines the application of polish with the permanence of gel. Once applied the gel looks exactly like nail polish but is cured under LED light and dries instantly. The end result is completely finished nails with a mirror like shine which resist dullness and chipping for 2 to 3 weeks

£26.00 (60mins)

Gel Polish Infill’s (after 2 to 3 weeks)
Infill’s fill in the gap of growth between the cuticle and gel polish. Includes Cut, File & Reshape + Cuticle Tidy.

£30.00 (60mins)

Standard Manicure  
Cut & File, Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Hand & Arm Massage, Polish

 £26.00 (45mins)

Standard Manicure with Gel Polish
Cut File & Shape, Cuticle Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Hand & Arm Massage, Polish

£36.00 (60mins)

Luxury Manicure        
All the benefits of a standard manicure plus an exfoliation, masque, thermal mittens, Polish

£31.00 (60mins)

Luxury Manicure with Gel Polish
Cut File & shape, Cuticle soak, Cuticle tidy, Exfoliation, Masque & Mitts, Hand and Arm Massage, Gel Application.

£41.00 (1hr 15mins)

Express Manicure
Cuticle Tidy, Nail Shape and Polish

£20.50 (25mins)

Nail Shape and Polish          

£15.50 (20mins)

Gel Removal
Gel removal is carried out by soaking the existing polish in acetone. Includes Cut, file & shape, Cuticle tidy, Buff and application of oils & creams.

 £15.00 (45mins)

Gel Removal & Re-application

£30.00 (90mins)

Paraffin wax Hand Treatment   
Relax while your hands are immersed in warm paraffin wax. The wonderful moisturising effect of the paraffin wax makes this an ideal treatment for excessively dry skin while the warming effect also helps alleviate painful joints. Includes a soothing massage.

£25.00 (20mins)

Paraffin Wax Manicure
All the benefits of a standard manicure combined with the softening and therapeutic effects of a paraffin wax treatment.
If Luxury Manicure preferred             Add £6.50

£39.00 (60mins)

Hand & Nail Conditioning Treatment
Cuticle & Nail tidy, nourishing massage and the application of nail strengthening and conditioning oils.

£21.00 (30mins)

Hand Reviver          
Hand Exfoliation and Hand & Arm Massage to revive tired hands after a busy day at work, shopping or for easing swelling associated with pregnancy.

£20.00 (20 mins)

We are always happy to repair a smudged nail while you are in the salon however, if the smudge happens some time after you leave the salon we can only repair if a therapist is available and may apply a small charge.

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